General Update

LADO (Local Authority Designated Officer) Updates – if you need to make an allegation about another childcare professional regarding a safeguarding concern then you will contact the LADO.  In Hampshire the LADO team have updated their ‘role of the LADO’ and ‘Notification form’ these are published on the SfYC Website on their Safeguarding page, for details of who to contact and other supporting info please click here.

Ofsted have published the findings of their recent consultation on the new inspection framework – click here to download the ‘Better inspections for all’ document.

Online checking for eligibility of 2YO funding is now live! – The parents application system for checking if their child is eligible for 2 YO funding can be found on the SfYC 2YO offer pages, click here to view.  The Provider Portal for EYE providers to check if a 2YO is eligible before starting care is also live and can be found on the SfYC EYE Scheme page click here to view, the link to the Portal can be found on the right hand side in the box named ‘Useful download and Provider Portal’.

SfYC Training Subscription Scheme Update – the window to purchase a training place at £70 is now open.  It will close on 5th April, there after a training place will cost £100 each to purchase.  For further details of the courses available and how to purchase a place please click here.

Planning Permission Portal – if you are considering expanding your provision then the Planning Permission Portal will be helpful for understanding if you require planning permission before you start – click here to read more.

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NEWS, Hants Training Subscription, Local Offer and 4 Year Old Testing Updates

NEWS update – we have added the following articles to our NEWS page:

  • DBS important guidance and links – if you are applying for a DBS associated to your Ofsted registration there are certain websites and guidance you must follow to ensure it is done correctly, it can be costly if you don’t follow our useful guidance – click here to read more.
  • HMRC have published their February news including how they can support you, click here to read in full.  They have also published details of their free tax support webinars, click here for details of these.

Hants Training Scheme – The window for purchasing a training subscription for the year beginning 01/04/15, will open on 23/02/15 and run until 05/04/15, for full details of the scheme and costs click this link: Hants Training Scheme 15 16  For further details of the courses planned throughout the year, safeguarding course, e-learning and FAQ’s click here.

Have you written and published your Local Offer yet? Do you provide an inclusive service for children?  Make sure details of your provision can be seen by parents on the Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Hampshire Local Offer website.  If you have already written your Local Offer then please click this link for details of how to upload it: Publishing your Local Offer .  If you haven’t attempted your Local Offer yet please click here for guidance around how to get started, see the ‘Local Offer Guidance and Resources’ menu on the right hand side of the screen, there are different links depending whether you are an Approved EYE Provider or not so please select the correct version for your setting.

4 Year Old Baseline Testing – In March’14, the Government announced that it will be introducing baseline testing for children starting in Reception from 2016.  PACEY have signed the petition to scrap baseline assessment in Reception classes, and to keep the EYFS Profile as the measure of children’s progress at the end of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).

What do you think? If you would like to find out more about the petition, keep up to date on the campaign and sign the petition, you can do so here.

To read the full PACEY comment on this subject click here.

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New Year reminders, Environment training and HMRC advice

Happy New Year!  Now is a good time to plan for the year ahead here are some items to get you going: check if your First Aid training runs out during this year, if so allow 2-3 months for booking and attending a course to remain compliant.  Do you have a plan for any training you wish to complete in this year?

Notes for your calendar: When is your Public Liability Insurance due? Annual review of your SEF? Annual review of your written policies and risk assessments.

HMRC have a published a newsletter with lots of practical help and support including advice around employing staff, pension contributions, changes to how you pay your NI and more, click this link to read in full: HMRC Key Messages Jan 2015

Free Training – SfYC are putting on some Environment Rating Scale training, this is every effective training which will last you a long time, giving you a tool to keep using to measure and reflect the quality of your setting. For full details and benefits of this training click this link to read more: Environment Rating Scale Training 2015  To book a space or find our more please email or call 0845 200 3890.

Children Centre timetables –  the following clusters have provided us with their Jan – April timetables, please contact the centres directly if you wish to attend anything or require any further info:

Bookstart – give away free packs of books for different aged children, also available in other or dual-language, to find our more click the following links:

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NEWS update, Digital Learning Journals and Ofsted notifications reminder

We have updated our NEWS page with the following articles, click here to read more:

  • SEND Local Offer update, including details of how to publish your offer on the Hampshire SEND website.
  • Family Information Directory request to check that you are listed and maximising your marketing opportunities.

Digital Learning Journals.  Are you aware that HCC fund your subscription to the Foundation Stage Forum (FSF) website?  The FSF holds a wealth of information for early years practitioners plus the sharing of ideas, concerns and practice in a professional forum.  Your subscription includes access to:

  •  Tapestry an online recording system which you can use on any PC or mobile device to record observations, link to EYFS and record planning for children, for more details click here.  There is an annual cost from £30+VAT to use the Tapestry system.
  • Also access to PRAMS a downloadable software resource (not online or mobile) which enables you record learning moments and track children progress, for more details click here.  PRAMS is a free downloadable package.

HCC have funded the subscription to FSF to create an account please email requesting details of the HCC FSF account, please supply your Ofsted EY number and your contact details. To find out more about FSF click here.

Reminder of when to report to Ofsted.  We have been made aware of several incidences recently where childminders have failed to notify Ofsted when required, in some cases this has had a negative impact on their Ofsted inspection grade, so here is a reminder, you MUST notify Ofsted for the following reasons, in most cases it is ASAP or within 14 days, in some cases you commit an offence by not notifying Ofsted:

  • Person living or working on the premises that turns 16 (DBS is also required) (EYFS 3.77)
  • Person known to Ofsted as living or working on the premises moves out (EYFS 3.77)
  • Person over the age of 16 moves in or is intending to work in the premises (DBS is also required) (EYFS 3.77)
  • Any changes to the address, premises which may affect the space available or the quality of the childcare, name of the provider, contact details of the provider (EYFS 3.77)
  • Changes to working hours or to provide overnight care (EYFS 3.77)
  • Allegations of serious harm or abuse by any persons living or working on the premises (EYFS 3.8)
  • Significant event which is likely to affect suitability of persons who are in regular contact with children (EYFS 3.16 & 3.77)
  • Provide details of any order or conviction relating to section 75 of the Childcare Act 2006, see EYFS for full details (EYFS 3.17)
  • Any food poisoning affecting two or more children (EYFS 3.49)
  • Any serious accident, illness or injury to, or death of, any child while in their care and of the action taken (EYFS 3.51)

If you are unsure of any of these items and require support please contact your area co-ordinator, click here for contact details.

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NEWS and Ofsted Updates

We have updated our NEWS page with the following, click here to read in full:

  • Food Allergy Advice – info on the upcoming changes in recording allergens, advice and tools to support you in complying.
  • Ebola Virus Advice – Government advice for childcare settings regarding the virus.
  • Bruising Protocol – links to the current protocol around bruising on infants.
  • Baby play ideas – links to give you some great play ideas if you are supporting children under 18 months.

We have updated our Ofsted page with links to some revised Ofsted factsheets, click here to view our Ofsted page. Notably the ‘Guide to registration on the Early Years Register’ now states that Ofsted will complete the first grading inspection within 30 months of registration, this has historically been within 3-6 months of registration so a much longer time scale now.  The advice on subsequent inspections hasn’t changed i.e. once within each inspection cycle unless there is significant additional information.

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New EYFS & NEWS, Ofsted and HMRC Updates

2014 EYFS is now in place – for links to download a copy of the publication click here.

We have updated our NEWS page with the following items, click here to read more:

  • SEND guide for early years setting, specific support and guidance for setting caring for early years aged children in meeting the requirements of the SEND Code of Practice.
  • Infection Control Guidance update, the old HPA chart has been updated with a new guide.
  • The National Minimum Wage is set to increase as of 1st October, HMRC guidance for all employers.
  • Autism Hampshire website link, really helpful website full or advice and free training for carers and families supporting autism.

Ofsted have published a revised Parents Poster, they have also withdrawn several publications from their website. A list of the currently available factsheets and guidance relating to childminding settings is available on our Ofsted page , including a link to the new poster (which must be displayed/shared with parents). Click here to view.  In addition Ofsted have also revised their factsheet around DBS checking, if you need to complete a new DBS associated to your setting please read this factsheet first, titled ‘DBS checks for those who register with Ofsted’ and available from our Ofsted page.

We have updated our Variations Advice page as one of the recently withdrawn publications from the Ofsted website is the ‘Numbers and ages of children you can care’.  For clarification on what you can now do and who to contact for further advice click here.

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NEWS updates, Ofsted Updates and Inclusion conference

We have updated our NEWS page with details of the publication of the SEND (Special Education Needs and Disabilities) Code Of Practice / Early Communication Support Leaflets / Factsheet regarding links between children’s development and feeding habits  – click here to read more about these items.

Ofsted have recently published revisions of their Evaluation schedule for inspecting Early Years provision, Conducting Early Years inspections and Conducting Childcare Register inspections documents, these come into effect 1st September’14.  Click here to view them from our Ofsted page. The Evaluation Schedule is a very helpful document when preparing for your inspection, although written to support Ofsted inspectors you can see from this document what Ofsted are coming to review at your setting and based on the level of evidence they see which grade to apply.

Inclusion Conferences – SfYC’s Inclusion team are holding 2 conferences around Autism Spectrum and Social Communication Needs.  Click the flyer for full details of dates, venues, costs and booking advice: Inclusion Conference Flyer’14

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NEWS, Ofsted & Training Updates

NEWS: we have updated our news page with details of the 2014 Summer Reading Challenge happening in local libraries. Also details of the HMRC factsheets Click here to read more.

Ofsted: we have updated our Ofsted page with some new Ofsted factsheets including a link to the revised version of the ‘Are you ready for your inspection’ document Click here to read more.

Safeguarding Training - we have updated our advice around safeguarding training on our Safeguarding page, click here to read more.

Connect, Reflect and Grow training (CRG) – details of some CRG training happening in Hampshire. CRG is an intervention where practitioners are guided to reflect on video clips of their own successful interactions. Analysing clips helps to slow the process down and identify when children initiate behaviours. Click the flyer for more details and costs. To make a booking click the booking form (Word format document), and return to the address on the form:

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NEWS updates

NEWS page updates. Notification of a free online training portal available to childcare practitioners supporting children with mental health issues called MindEd.  Also a notification from Public Health England on the importance of immunisation.  click here to read both articles.

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NEWS, and HMRC Updates

NEWS page update with

  • SEND Local Offer which all childcare settings should look to have in place by Sept’14
  • Update from HMRC on the range of services available to childminders
  • Changes to Child Therapy Services in Hampshire and the new referral process.
  • Changes to the Food Standards Agency Safer Food Better Business pack.

HMRC: have launched a new online tutorial designed to support anyone thinking about ‘Becoming an Employer’ click here to view.

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